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Extensions and Refurbishments in Hertfordshire Where extension and refurbishment dreams come true

Marshall Construction is an extensions and refurbishment builder in Hertfordshire

As a professional extension and refurbishment builder in Hertfordshire, we are proud to make your home project dreams come true.  Whether you have owned your home for a number of years or are a new homeowner, more space or a refurbishment may be a necessity for you.  We are happy to fill this need and work together to make the dream work!  

Do you need more space? How can you extend your home?

Marshall Construction Services are expert extension builders in Hertfordshire. From large double-storey extensions, complete with a loft conversion or even extending downwards with a basement. Marshall Construction Services will be able to help.

We will help you design and build luxury new spaces from the architectural stage to completion. If your home is craving more room or in need of a lift, Marshall Construction Services will help you overcome your obstacles and achieve the dream home you have always wanted.

Our aim is to capture your dream, right from the start before bringing it to life. 

If you’re reluctant to move but need extra space, make the most of your current property and add a kitchen extension & loft conversion that will transform your home. 

​Below are some of the ways you can increase the space in your home with different types of house extensions, loft conversions and even basements

What types of extensions does Marshall Construction build? The following are a few popular types of extensions that may be possible at your existing home, giving you a great deal of added space and comfort

Rear extension
Side extension
Side and rear extension
Wraparound extension
Side return
Double-storey extension
Double-storey wraparound
First-floor extension
extensions and refurbishment builder house extension in Hertfordshire

Types of Loft Conversions in Hertfordshire

loft conversion
Mansard loft conversion
Dormer loft conversion
Hip-to-gable loft conversion

Basement Conversions

If you have an unfinished and unused space in your basement, this could be the perfect opportunity to create a luxurious space to call home.  Here are some examples of what can be done with a basement conversion.

basement conversion theatre
basement converted into apartment
basement conversion added living space to this home

Bungalow Conversions

Have you purchased a run-down bungalow that would you like to extend? Or perhaps your family is growing fast and needs more room. If you own a bungalow, there is no better property to extend. We can create a whole new floor for you upstairs, you won’t even recognise your existing home.

A bungalow conversion in Herts

Marshall Construction Services are experts in renovations and will transform your property from top to bottom, maximising on space.

Get in touch today to organise your free consultation. 

Complete your project with Marshall Construction You've been thinking of that project for a while. Let's get it started--and completed--so you can live more comfortably.

You’ve been dreaming of that loft conversion, extension, or a new home for some time now.  After working with Marshall Construction, you will be living a dream come true in your loft conversion, extension, or new home!

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