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New Homes in Hertfordshire

A brand new home!  This is the dream of many people.  Do you dream of walking through the front door of your new build in Hertfordshire?  If you do, please know that your dream could become a reality very soon.  Before you know it, you’ll open the door to your new home and your new life!

new homes in Hertfordshire by Marshall Construction

New homes in Hertfordshire can be a challenge to build.  Are you nervous about hiring a builder to do so?  If you are, you are not alone.  We have all heard the stories of lost deposits, low-quality materials, building delays and low-quality workmanship.  Hearing these stories doesn’t inspire confidence.  So what is the solution?  The solution is to find a builder who has the reputation of using high-quality materials, not stealing deposits, and comes with great recommendations.  We would be honoured to have the opportunity to prove to you that we are that builder!

At Marshall Construction we will prove we are different and have your best interests at heart by

Taking care of every detail related to your project, from acquiring the best materials possible to the best tradesmen available. We will plan every detail.
Providing you with a full service experience from start to finish. We will always keep you informed and provide follow-up after delivery.
Assigning a project manager who will oversee every aspect of your new build project.
Using the best quality materials and trades to ensure the highest quality new build in Hertfordshire.
Keeping your project on time and handing over your new home as planned and on schedule.

All of this means that with us, you will receive one of the highest quality and best new homes in Hertfordshire on time and with a great customer service experience.

Book a consultation now

Your dream home could be closer to reality than you think. Click to book a consultation.

Book a consultation now

Your dream home could be closer to reality than you think.  Click to book a consultation

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