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Loft conversions in Hertfordshire Bringing your dream loft to life

Marshall Construction builds loft conversions in Hertfordshire

As professional loft conversion builders in Hertfordshire, we are proud to make your dream loft come to life.  Growing families often need more space.  Loft conversions in Hertfordshire by Marshall Construction are a great way to get the space that you need without breaking the bank on a new home.

Marshall Construction is proud to offer various types of loft conversions in Hertfordshire See what types of loft conversions we build

Dormer Loft Conversion

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A dormer loft conversion is a type of conversion that is best when a pitched roof is present.  Using the pitch of the roof, your loft conversion builder will create a space that extends straight out from the top of the roof and then down to where the slope of the roof starts.  This type of conversion allows you to have extra head space as well as floor space.

Hip-to-Gable Loft Conversion

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For houses that have a “hipped” type roof, there are a couple of steps to achieve the perfect loft conversion.  First, the hip style roof should be converted to a gable style roof.  This conversion will increase the floor space and extend the roof space as well.  The next step is to build a dormer.  At the end of the project, you will have greatly increased your floor space and ceiling height, not to mention the value of your home.

Roof Light Loft Conversion

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Some houses already have a decent loft area with sufficient floor space and head room, however these cannot be used as a suiteable living space because they lack adequate lighting and ventilation.  Enter the roof light loft conversion.  In a roof light loft conversion, rooflights are installed along the roof line thereby letting an enourmous amount of light into the loft area.  At the same time, ventilation will be installed so as to circulate fresh aire, making the space not only livable but enjoyable.

Mansard Loft Conversion


A mansard loft conversion takes your roof area and adds on a flat extension going outward from the top point of your roof and then going down at an almost 90 degree angle to meet up with the lower part of your roof.  This type of loft conversion can run the entire length of your roof leaving you with a significant amount of usable floor space all while increasing the value of your home.

Complete your project with Marshall Construction You've been thinking of that project for a while. Let's get it started--and completed--so you can live more comfortably.

You’ve been dreaming of that loft conversion, extension, or a new home for some time now.  After working with Marshall Construction, you will be living a dream come true in your loft conversion, extension, or new home!

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