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Extension Builder in Hertfordshire Where extension dreams come true

Marshall Construction is an extension builder in Hertfordshire

As a professional extension builder in Hertfordshire, we are proud to make your house extension dreams come true.  Whether you have owned your home for a number of years or are a new homeowner, more space may be a necessity for you.  We are happy to fill this need and work together to make the dream work!  

What types of extensions does Marshall Construction build? The following are a few popular types of extensions that may be possible at your existing home, giving you a great deal of added space and comfort

Wraparound Extension


A wraparound extension is very much what it sounds like; an extension that wraps around parts of your existing home.  If your existing home has sufficient rear and side space between the house and the property line, a wraparound extension may be just right for you.  This type of extension is popular among those who really want to have a big open space.  Due to the fact that the extension will go in two directions, it will result in an enormous space that could have a kitchen, dining area, and sitting area all in one space.  Your new wraparound extension will of course be configured to your exact specifications and needs.

Side  return extension


If you have space available on the side of your house, you can build a side extension.  A side extension is perfect for those who have an alley or side space on the side of their house   A side extension will help expand your space in a more longitudinal fashion than it will in the other direction.  This type of extension can be perfect if you’d like to add a sitting room or make your kitchen area larger.

Double-Storey Extension


If you would really like to maximise your space without a massive increase in the cost of your extension, you may consider a double-storey extension.  With this type of extension, you are able to go up and out.  A double-storey extension will provide the most space for your money.  One reason is that you will have already paid to have the foundation work done for the extension below.  Adding the second floor to your extension project will double the space but not the money needed to complete your project.

Rear Extension


If your home has the right amount of space in the garden, you may very well be able to have a rear extension built.  A rear extension will give you a beautiful open space in your house.  This space can be used to fulfill whatever purpose you would like.  Some like to use it for a kitchen while others prefer to have a nice sitting area that overlooks their garden.  Whatever your preference is, your house, as with any type of extension, is very likely to increase in value.  Marshall Construction is proud to be a rear extension builder in Hertfordshire.  If you would like to discuss the possibility of building a rear extension on your land, please contact us

Complete your project with Marshall Construction You've been thinking of that project for a while. Let's get it started--and completed--so you can live more comfortably.

You’ve been dreaming of that loft conversion, extension, or a new home for some time now.  After working with Marshall Construction, you will be living a dream come true in your loft conversion, extension, or new home!

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